Brent Foster Photography

In January, I had the chance to travel to Havana, Cuba with friend and fellow filmmaker Preston Kanak.

Havana has been a place I’ve been dying to travel to for years. The classic cars, the amazing light… it really is a cinematographers dream.

Together, Preston and I created the short film “A Place Called Home / Mi Tierra, Mi Hogar”

We’re very excited to launch the film today at:

The film is about the journey of one man who, at 8 years old, moved with his mother to America. This story documents this journey of our lead character, who has longed for a place to call ‘home’, as he revisits his past memories and childhood hangout spots in Cuba after 15 years in the United States.

This was a totally different approach for me, and it was really refreshing to take a risk, and try something completely out of the box compared to my traditional documentary style of work.

It was so neat to work with someone that comes from a completely different background. Together, we taught each other so much, and our styles truly complimented each other.

Alongside the film, we’d love to see you submit your own stories of home. Check out: for more details.

The site also has our own stories of home, behind the scenes videos of making the film, and more!

You can see the entire package at:


I’ve also shared a few favourite Instagram photos below.